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    Blopak is a company with more than 20-year experience in manufacture of flexible packaging (tubes), bottles, jars and closures for cosmetics, health and food plastic packaging around the globe.

    某塑胶公司历史:上海某塑胶公司于1992年由马来西亚股东投资建立,2005年公司管理层收购“新某塑胶公司”成立股份制企业,2007年位于闵行闵北工业园区,面积约20000平方米的新总部落成,成为集产品设计与开发;模具制造 ;注塑、吹塑、软管成型一条龙服务的生产型企业。为了满足客户不断增长的业务需求,某塑胶公司企业2008年入股上海善创模具有限公司;2011年入股新西兰MPAC;2012年入股上海双狮塑料有限公司;

History of Blopak (按地理位置图片PPT逐条显示)
1992   Foreign Company Invested by Malaysian Shareholders.
2005   New Blopak Acquired by the New factory started into run in 2005.
2007   The headquarter of Blopak is located on Minhang district, plant over        20,000 square meters.Scope of business : Design, mould manufacturing,        injection molding, blow molding and Tube Packaging
       In order to meet ever-growing business needs
2008   Shares of Shanghai Brother Precision Purchased
2011   Shares of MPAC Purchased
2012   Shares of Shanghai Shuangshi Purchased
2013   Suzhou Blopak established


    With rich experience, Blopak will handle your requirements from initial concept to placement of order, delivery and after sales follow up. We have established long-term partnership with famous cosmetic companies worldwide. We have exported our products to U.S.A, Canada, Europe, Middle East, Australia and most countries of Asia. Sales are in 2005 from $3 million to (2014) $25 million.


    Our R&D team owns more than ten senior engineers who manage your project from conception to delivery. We are able to assist customers to design and build custom moulds at our plant. We can find defects at early stage ofproductdesignwhich will save time and resources.


Blopak owns clean workshop.
There are many kinds of advanced and imported equipment in mould plant to make 100-200 plastic molds annually.
There are about 40 injection machines (80T~320T) to produce kinds of caps, jars, etc.
Blow mold from 10ml to 5000ml can make various shapes of food grade bottles in different material.
Blopak has enough ability to produce more than one hundred million tubes yearly with variety of tube heads for customer to choose and high skilled printing technology. (表现自动化生产能力及洁净车间)


    To ensure all products are running in a clean environment, Blopak insists on high controlling on each process during production to ensure high standards of product quality and stability.

    Prefect quality system and advanced testing methods to ensure product quality and safety. Blopak has international quality certificates of SGS, FDA,etc.  (证书图片显示,显示效果按照Acer的那种)
Blopak has various kinds of instruments to meet the requests of high precision mould and high standard. (测量仪器图片显示)


    Blopak always pay attention to human concern, being brave in undertaking for social responsibilities and gets the certification of CSR. We insist on using recyclable materials in production to avoid pollution of environment and also reduces energy consumption by continuous creation of technology and upgrade of equipment to protect the earth environment.

某塑胶公司欢迎您! (设2到3人每人讲一句,此段发言可放在某塑胶公司销售前)

Cutomer oriented is our business foudation. The pursuit of excellenisour mission.
Never give up,keep moving forward, try our best and make it better.
Higher quality ,more perfect service for the best tomorrow
Welcome to Blopak!

    副总经理发言:上海某塑胶公司坚持以产品质量求生存,创新开拓进取求发展,诚信与优质服务求信誉为宗旨面向广大客户朋友。(中文发言,英文字幕,此段话插在企业研发前。暂定) ( Vice president: James Mao 职位英文字幕)

    Blopak insists on "survive on the quality of products, development on Innovation and Enterprising, Reputation on honesty and high-quality service” as our mission to our customers.

( President: Wade yang职位英文字幕))
   Looking into the future,I will lead Blopak’steam to keep forward on environmental protection and sustainable development.We will try to make Blopak a leading enterprise inthe new packaging with scientific production,professional details and modern management.

    Welcome to Blopak!


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